external implant system

BioHorizons external dental implant

The External dental implant, originally known as the Maestro, has performed successfully in every published study since its launch in 1997. The External implant has survival rates from 98.5% to 100% in studies of up to 1,400 implants and a follow up of 10 years.1-10 It has also been shown to achieve bone-to-implant contact levels of 80.6%.17 Clinicians confidently rely on the External implant to achieve consistent, reproducible results necessary to build a successful implantology practice.

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Reverse torque removal values18

v-thread on a standard dental implant


BioHorizons square thread on External Dental Implant

square thread

strength in square threadform

Our square thread design transmits 10 times less destructive shear than conventional v-threads.16


surface treatment
body / platform diameters
external hex
bone level
RBT body | HA body
3inOne abutment
3.5mm | 4.0mm | 5.0mm | 6.0mm
7mm | 9mm | 10.5mm | 12mm | 15mm
Over 80% bone contact at one year

Over 80% bone contact
at one year.

Concentric and interstitial lamellae are apparent

Concentric and interstitial lamellae are apparent.19

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