dental implant bone graft -
Grafton® DBM

Grafton bone grafting material
Clinicians desire predictability and flexibility when using a bone graft substitute. The proven clinical success of Grafton DBM in multiple forms gives clinicians the predictability and flexibility for various applications including regeneration of bone for periodontal, extraction site, sinus and lateral ridge augmentation grafting procedures. Cleared for a broader range of indications than any other DBM or commercially available BMP34, Grafton DBM gives you the ability to regenerate bone height and width.35

  • Forms include Matrix Plugs, Putty in a Syringe or Jar, Flex, and Paste in a Syringe
  • Validated for osteoinduction in an in vivo model36
  • Superior osteoconduction through Bone Fiber Technology
Dental Bone Graft - Grafton DBM Bone Grafting - Grafton DBM Bone Graft - Grafton DBM


  • Extraction socket grafting
  • Ridge and sinus augmentation
  • Bone augmentation around implants
  • Bony defects
  • Composite grafting with MinerOss
  • Periodontal regeneration

Grafton fibers

Grafton DBM Matrix Plugs and Putty incorporate bone fibers rather than particles. The fibers create a physical network of pathways for bone forming cells to migrate.

Not available in all countries.
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