internal implant system

Internal Dental Implants with Laser-Lok
Internal dental implants provide maximum surface area through the use of its parallel-walled body and square thread design. It also is available with Laser-Lok microchannels to create a physical, connective tissue attachment and long-term crestal bone maintenance.11

Internal dental implant Internal dental implant Internal dental implant

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Dr. Jin Kim, Garden Grove, California

Internal is available in two configurations:

  • Mount-free Internal features a full 1.8mm Laser-Lok collar (no smooth, machined area) and a Resorbable Blast Textured (RBT) body.
  • Internal with a pre-mounted 3inOne abutment that serves as: (1) an implant mount, (2) a closed tray transfer, when used with a Ball-top Screw, and (3) a temporary or final gold-hued esthetic abutment. This version comes in three different surface options:
    • Laser-Lok Collar / RBT body - a 0.3mm machined area, a 1.5mm Laser-Lok zone and an RBT body.
    • RBT body
    • HA body


Proprietary biomechanical thread design maximizes implant surface area.16
Most widely used connection in implant dentistry.
surface treatment
delivery options
platform diameters
body diameters
internal hex
bone level
Laser-Lok collar with RBT body | RBT body | HA body
3inOne Abutment
3.5mm | 4.5mm | 5.7mm
3.5mm | 4.0mm | 5.0mm | 6.0mm
9mm | 10.5mm | 12mm | 15mm
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