Laser-Lok® microchannels

Laser-Lok microchannels

Human histology shows the apical extent of the
junctional epithelium below which there is a
supracrestal connective tissue attachment
to the laser microchannel surface.11

Exclusively from BioHorizons, Laser-Lok is the only surface treatment shown to attract a true, physical connective tissue attachment.11 Laser-Lok is a series of precision-engineered cell-sized channels laser-machined onto the surface of dental implants and abutments. Exemplifying our dedication to evidence-based research and development, it is unlike any other dental abutment or implant surface treatment on the market.

Laser-Lok 13 years post-op
Laser-Lok 13 years post-op

BioHorizons dental implant at 13 years still maintains a natural smile.

Case courtesy of Cary A. Shapoff, DDS (Surgical); Jeffrey A. Babushkin, DDS (Restorative)

  • Only surface treatment shown to attract a true, physical connective tissue attachment11
  • Multi-center prospective study showing only 0.59mm of bone loss compared to 1.94mm for traditional implants12
  • Overdenture study showing only 0.42mm of bone loss compared to 1.13mm for NobelReplace™ Select13
  • Over 25 years of in vitro, animal and human studies at leading universities14
  • Long-term case study showing superior bone & tissue maintenance15

Change in
Bone Level (mm)

Crestal Bone Loss       Laser-Lok   Control

Laser-Lok advantage

Months Post-Op

In a 3-year multicenter perspective study, Laser-Lok showed superior
bone maintenance over identical implants without Laser-Lok.12

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