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TeethXpress magazine is a publication focused on educating patients about dental implants and regeneration treatment. Written by healthcare professionals for the education and well-being of the general public, TeethXpress is 68 pages filled with consumer-friendly, high-quality articles and graphics to help patients say yes to your treatment solutions.

BioHorizons is committed to providing you a high-quality dental magazine that combines accurate illustrations, beautiful graphics and simplified explanations for complex treatments so patients can easily grasp the information. Real patient testimonials are also used to give your patients information that is relatable. TeethXpress magazine can be used in the reception area or treatment room, during or after consultations, and is also a great tool for referring colleagues.
TeethXpress patient education magazine - PatientConnect
  • consequences of tooth loss
  • how a smile makeover can change a life
  • facts about dental implants
  • the dangers of removable dentures
  • what to expect when getting dental implants
  • understanding tooth extractions and bone grafting
  • celebrities with dental implants
  • replacing a single tooth with a dental implant
  • replacing all teeth with dental implants
  • how technology aids dental implant therapy
  • the art of rebuilding gum tissue
  • financing your implant treatment
"I didn't understand the true value of TeethXpress magazine for my practice until my office manager put a magazine in my reception area one day. All of a sudden, I started getting more and more questions from patients interested in dental implants and full arch treatment for their missing teeth. Now, I make sure there is a TeethXpress magazine available at all times throughout the office. It is both entertaining and educational, keeping the focus on dentistry which allows me to close more cases.

— Dr. Andrew Ferrier
Lafayette, CA
"TeethXpress magazine is very well done and a valuable practice development tool. I put a copy in my reception room and that day, a patient who has a failing mandibular dentition requested a comprehensive examination to see if he is a candidate for dental implants! Weeks prior, he was not ready to transition to dental implants. I know he changed his mind because of reading the magazine. Thank you for providing us an easy and effective way to educate our patients and serve their well being."

— Dr. John Russo
Sarasota, FL
"TeethXpress magazine is fantastic! BioHorizons is providing a great service to their customers by providing them with great endorsements, great graphics, and a form of “second opinion” by allowing patients to read about treatment options beyond the information presented in the office. Every office should take advantage of this unique patient education tool."

— Dr. Mark Setter
Port Huron, MI
Not available in all countries.