MinerOss® Cancellous

MinerOss Cancellous is a mineralized allograft cancellous bone particle. The osteoconductive properties along with the fast remodeling time allow for rapid revascularization and predictable results. With a size range of 300-1000 microns, MinerOss Cancellous provides ideal handling characteristics for regeneration procedures of all sizes.

MinerOss Cancellous Applications30

  • periodontal defects
  • extraction sockets
  • grafting for implant placement
  • ridge and sinus augmentation

maxillary defect
maxillary defect
MinerOss Cancellous Graft
Cancellous graft
4 months after bone grafting
4 month
dental implant placement
implant placement
final prosthesis
final prosthesis
Case courtesy of
Dr. Bach Le, Los Angeles, CA
Not available in all countries.
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MinerOss Cancellous is processed by DCI Donor Services Tissue Bank.