MinerOss® X family

MinerOss X
Available in a variety of options, MinerOss X is an anorganic bovine bone mineral matrix that is physically and chemically comparable to the mineral structure of human bone. The MinerOss X family* can be used in a wide variety of grafting applications.
applications include
  • extraction socket grafting
  • ridge and sinus augmentation
  • grafting for implant placement
  • infrabony periodontal defects

MinerOss® X Particulate

MinerOss X Particulate is available in either cancellous or cortical form. The complex trabecular architecture and natural consistency allow for ideal bone formation at the defect site.

MinerOss® X Collagen

MinerOss X Collagen is a combination of 95% anorganic cancellous bovine bone and approximately 5% bovine collagen. This block form allows for convenience during placement and an ideal solution for many applications.

MinerOss® X Syringe

MinerOss X Syringe is cancellous particulate pre-loaded into a delivery syringe to assist with optimal placement at the defect site.
Not available in all countries.
* Family of xenograft-derived bone graft matrices.
MinerOss® is a registered trademark of BioHorizons
MinerOss® X is manufactured by Collagen Matrix, Inc.