MinerOss® XP

MinerOss XP
MinerOss XP is a highly porous anorganic porcine bone mineral matrix designed for hard tissue grafting applications. Increased porosity allows for optimal osteoconductivity and adequate space for new bone deposition.
MinerOss XP SEM at 25x
MinerOss XP SEM at 75x

SEM at 25x

SEM at 75x

applications include
  • ridge and sinus augmentation
  • extraction socket grafting
  • infrabony periodontal defects
  • grafting for implant placement

MinerOss® XP Particulate

MinerOss XP Particulate is available in both a large particle size(1-2mm) and small particle size (0.25-1mm) format.

MinerOss® XP Syringe

MinerOss XP Syringe is cancellous particulate pre-loaded into a delivery syringe to assist with optimal placement at the defect site.
Not available in all countries.
MinerOss® is a registered trademark of BioHorizons
MinerOss® XP is manufactured by Collagen Matrix, Inc.