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BioHorizons has partnered with
Progressive Dental Marketing
to help you grow your implant practice

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BioHorizons has partnered with Progressive Dental Marketing (PDM) to help you grow your implant practice. As a full-service marketing/training agency, PDM offers a comprehensive suite of services to help plan, execute, and manage your marketing efforts including advanced CE courses, team coaching, consulting, as well as digital and traditional advertising tactics. PDM specializes in marketing dental implants by helping you create a strategy for internal conversion and external marketing, with a particular focus on training to acquire and close cases. Contact our dedicated BioHorizons Dental Implant Marketing Consultant Aparna Pawar today at 727.286.6211 ext.113 or visit www.mydentalimplantpractice.com to learn more.

Progressive Dental Marketing partnership with BioHorizons

Progresive Dental Introduction Video by Bart Knellinger, CEO

Progressive Dental Marketing & BioHorizons help you attract and convert more dental implant cases

Find out how Progressive Dental Marketing can drive practice growth and profitability through comprehensive marketing services. Visit www.mydentalimplantpractice.com and login with the username and password below to learn more about how you can customize your online presence.

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See what BioHorizons customers have to say about Progressive Dental

You have to work with a professional team, and Progressive Dental has really been a team that I felt can support my practice and really get me to that next level.

— Andrew Ferrier, DDS
I think [dentistry is] an ever-changing landscape and this is just the next dimension in that… The fact that Progressive has had so many successes…you can't beat that. I think if you're going to be competitive in today's market, as much as you may not like TV, as much as you may not like video, your reputation is not going to do it alone. So, you need to look for someone who can get through that landscape and really navigate that efficiently and enthusiastically. And I think that's Progressive.

— Paul Anderson, DMD, MD