simple solutions abutments with Laser-Lok®

Simple Solutions Abutments with Laser-Lok

With the success of BioHorizons Laser-Lok technology on dental implants, BioHorizons breaks new ground by applying this innovative technology to abutments. The Simple Solutions abutment with Laser-Lok is designed to be seated at the time of implant placement or uncovery and remain in place through the final restoration. This will establish and maintain the connective tissue attachment. Simple Solutions Abutments can be restored in 3 easy visits.

Simple Solutions Abutments

Laser-Lok has been shown to:

  • Inhibit epithelial downgrowth11,27

  • Attract a physical connective tissue attachment11,27

  • Preserve the coronal level of bone11,27

simple solutions with laser-Lok

Laser-Lok microchannels

Laser-Lok microchannels with
soft tissue attachment

In a recent study, Laser-Lok abutments and standard abutments were randomly placed on implants with a grit-blasted surface to evaluate the differences. In this proof-of-principle study, a small band of Laser-Lok microchannels was shown to inhibit epithelial downgrowth and establish a connective tissue attachment similar to Laser-Lok implants.1

The connective tissue attachment was established above the dental implant-abutment connection and even on implants with a machined collar.1 The resulting crestal bone levels were higher than what was seen with standard abutments and provides some insight into the role soft tissue stability may play in maintaining crestal bone health.


Images courtesy of Myron Nevins, DDS

Comparative histology showing the Laser-Lok abutment advantage versus conventional abutments.27

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