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Laser-Lok microchannels

Since the beginning, BioHorizons has been committed to providing the most comprehensive line of evidence-based, scientifically proven dental implants and tissue regeneration solutions. Our philosophy is that successful products are the result of rigorous Science and relentless Innovation. This approach to product development took root back in 1994 when the original Maestro implant design was first conceived in the biomedical engineering department at the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB). Throughout the years, BioHorizons has consistently applied biomedical engineering to numerous product innovations and today is the proud owner of 24 unique patent awards.

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Laser-Lok Microchannels Abstracts
Laser-Lok studies Laser-Lok microchannels is a proprietary dental implant surface treatment developed from over 20 years of research initiated to create the optimal implant surface. Through this research, the unique Laser-Lok surface has been shown to elicit a biologic response that includes the inhibition of epithelial downgrowth and the attachment of connective tissue.11,39 This physical attachment produces a biologic seal around the implant that protects and maintains crestal bone health. The Laser-Lok phenomenon has been shown in post-market studies to be more effective than other implant designs in reducing bone loss.12,13,15,40

Dental Implant Abstracts
dental implant studies BioHorizons has supported many studies over the years to guide implant and prosthetic development. The scientific method was followed using a wide variety of models including laboratory, animal and human. Within these models, implant performance was evaluated in many different conditions with special emphasis on load analysis including non-functional and functional immediate load as well as early and delayed load.


AlloDerm™ RTM Abstracts
AlloDerm studies Since its introduction to dentistry in 1994, AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix (RTM) has been a widely accepted acellular dermal matrix (ADM) for soft tissue applications. AlloDerm RTM supports tissue regeneration by allowing rapid revascularization, white cell migration and cell population - ultimately being transformed into host tissue for a strong, natural repair. During this time AlloDerm has become the most published ADM in implant dentistry.

MinerOss Abstracts
MinerOss studies MinerOss from BioHorizons is a mixture of allograft mineralized cortical and cancellous bone particles for use in ridge and sinus augmentation, socket grafting, periodontal defects and grafting for implant placement. MinerOss provides the advantage of having the combination of cortical and cancellous chips in one vial. The cortical component provides structural integrity and space-maintaining capability. The cancellous component's porous architecture promotes osteoconduction and rapid revascularization.

Grafton Abstracts
Grafton studies The proven clinical success of Grafton DBM in multiple forms gives clinicians the ideal bone graft for the specific application. Grafton DBM Matrix Plugs and Putty incorporate bone fibers rather than particles. The fibers create a physical network of pathways for bone forming cells to migrate.