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This webinar will include discussions on:
  • Key aspects of bone biology and bone healing attributes;
  • Hard tissue grafting techniques including ridge preservation, ridge augmentation and localized sinus lift;
  • Clinical cases to support each technique;
  • Product tips for using MinerOss® Cortical & Cancellous, AlloDerm RTM and the Mem-Lok® family of membranes.
Dr. Juan Francisco Pardo, DDS, MS

Available in English and Spanish.
Studies have shown that tooth loss can lead to up to 40-60% bone loss in the first 1-3 years after extraction. This can negatively affect the outcome of implant and restorative dentistry. One of the most predictable ways to avoid this bone loss is by placing a socket graft. However, not all socket grafts are simple. This course will introduce socket grafts beyond simply "filling a hole with bone" and expand the clinician's knowledge into how to manage fenestrations and "blown-out" facial plates. An introduction into ridge augmentation procedures will also be presented along with how to manage failed implant "sockets".
David Wong, DDS
Improve your success with soft tissue grafting
Success with acellular dermal matrix depends on modifying the standard technique for palatal connective tissue grafting. Avoid surface incisions and completely cover the graft recipient site. These advances result in greater patient comfort, greater patient acceptance of grafting procedures and a more esthetic outcome.
Dr. Edward P. Allen
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dental implant and biologics education
dental implant and biologics education
dental implant and biologics education