W&H Motors and Accessories

WH motors and Accessories

The new Implantmed from W&H ensures improved treatment safety for you and your patients. With the intuitive user interface and colour glass touch screen the new Implantmed offers you the highest levels of comfort. New software supports multi-user setup, individual drill protocols, and USB documentation.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Secure torque control and  measurable implant stability
  • Ultra-short, powerful electric motor
  • New pump design
  • Wireless foot control

Flexibility: Upgrade at any time

Wireless foot control

Wireless foot control

The wireless foot control offers absolute freedom of movement. Choose the optimal site for the foot control within your working area. Control the functions of multiple W&H units.

LED+ Motor and handpieces

LED+ Motor and handpieces

With the ultra-short powerful electric motor even difficult surgical procedures no longer demand great strength. LED+ provides optional illumination at all stages of the work.

W&H Osstell ISQ Module

W&H Osstell ISQ Module

Measuring the stability of implants allows reliable evaluation of osseointegration. The ISQ values are documented based on the tooth position.

WH Implantmed Motor

Implantmed Motor

The new completely redesigned Implantmed by W&H offers full functionality for most maxillofacial procedures. Intuitive interface on the color glass touch screen, USB documentation, multi-user support, and custom drilling protocols are now standard on every unit. New Implantmed is upgradable at any time with LED+ light, wireless foot control, or W&H Osstell ISQ module for measuring implant stability.

WH Implantmed Motors
WH Elcomed Motor

Elcomed Motor

The W&H Elcomed is the number one maxillofacial surgery and implantology motor in the operating theater. All settings can easily be changed through a single screen. The Elcomed motor has a speed range of 300 - 50,000 rpm and up to 80 Ncm on the rotary instrument and is the shortest and lightest of its kind. The Elcomed has an automatic thread cutter function and six individually adjustable program locations that can be changed or edited at any time in any program. The motor with cable and motor holder are sterilizable (135° C) and thermo washer disinfectable. Complete torque documentation is provided via USB-stick and saved data can be viewed in .bmp and .csv formats.

WH Elcomed Motor
WH surgical handpieces

Surgical Handpieces

W&H provides precision angled, straight and contra-angle surgical handpieces for maxillo-facial surgery, implantology and microsurgery, with or without a self-generating LED. W&H handpieces are proven to be durable and reliable for a long life. The slender design provides you with a good view of the operating site and allows access to tight areas. The stainless steel body is easy to clean and many can be fully dismantled without tools for post-operative cleaning and reduced maintenance bills.

W&H Handpiece W&H Handpiece W&H Handpiece
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