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NovoMatrix™ RTM


NovoMatrix Reconstructive Tissue Matrix

NovoMatrix Reconstructive Tissue Matrix

NovoMatrix is an acellular dermal matrix consisting of tissue-engineered porcine material. NovoMatrix is a breakthrough in xenogenic processing ensuring a structurally intact, undamaged scaffold. The proprietary tissue processing maintains tissue integrity and supports tissue regeneration by allowing rapid revascularization, fibroblast repopulation and a minimal inflammatory response - ultimately being transformed into host tissue for a strong, natural repair.1,2

  • supports a positive immunologic response and regeneration as seen in primate models3
  • site-specific orientation is not required
  • pre-hydrated, ready-to-use
  • consistent thickness of 1mm
  • controlled source for a more predictable product

NovoMatrix Reconstructive Tissue Matrix

applications include4

  • guided tissue regeneration for root coverage
  • localized gingival augmentation to increase keratinized tissue around teeth
  • alveolar ridge reconstruction for prosthetic treatment

NovoMatrix RTM cases

root coverage


1 week post-op

8 months post-op

30 months post-op

NovoMatrix RTM case images courtesy of Dr. Edward P. Allen, Dallas, Texas

root coverage


2 week post-op

6 month post-op

36 month post-op

NovoMatrix RTM case images courtesy of Dr. Edward P. Allen, Dallas, Texas


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  4. Reference manufacturer's Instructions for Use (IFU) package insert.
Not available in all countries.